Free Herbal Incense Samples Are They Really Free?


Free Herbal Incense Samples & Free Herbal Potpourri Samples Are They Really Free?

Everywhere you look nowadays you see ads for herbal incense or herbal potpourri.  You probably also know that its a form of aroma therapy designed to aid in meditation and offer increased mental awareness and relaxation. Quite often Free Herbal Incense Samples and Free Herbal Potpourri Samples are offered to those that might be curious. This highly popular form of aroma therapy is favoured by these people to seek a way to enhance the small time they have to relax and unwind from the stress of day to day living. It is available for sale in thousands of shops on and off line throughout the U.S. If you are like the majority of consumers in the US, no matter what it is, you prefer to try it before you buy it.

The internet offers a plethora of herbal incense vendors that offer what they claim to be Free Herbal Incense Samples or Free Herbal Potpourri Samples. From internet searches to pop up ads with colorful pages with products in interesting packaging, beckons you in. There cleverly worded ads entice you to their online shops promising something for nothing. They boast that they happily give out free incense samples in hopes that you enjoy their product so much that you will become a return buyer. But is it really free?

In the world of herbal incense competition for new clients as well their repeat business among these suppliers is fierce. A random search on line will yield you about two hundred pages of results for Free Herbal Incense Samples or potpourri alone.  But there is almost always a catch. The majority of companies only offer occasional free samples to long time customers as a loyalty reward. Others sites require you become a member of their aroma therapy club. They gather payment information up front so that they can send you a monthly supply of potpourri that might include an occasional free sample. We found websites that redirected you to the actual manufactures site in order to request a free sample.

If you can navigate the maze of instructions designed to dissuade the average shopper, your free sample’s average delivery time is most often 3-5 weeks. You will also find that you are most often responsible for paying the shipping and handling charges  on your free sample which in many cases is  just as expensive as buying the actual product. Some companies want you to buy a featured product and they will include a free sample of something new for you to try. Nowhere online did we find anyone offering an actual free sample of their product to try it before you buy it. If you meet the requirements and are sent a sample, the size of the free sample also varies. Sachets sent out as a BOGO were usually of the same size as the purchased package. Often people complained that free samples of new product that were sent out as members rewards came in a 1’x1’ bag or smaller.  They complained that this small amount did not give them the opportunity to actually experience the effects of the aroma therapy properly.

Other complaints dealt with packaging, some test products were not clearly labeled, so if you liked it, unless you kept up with your packing slip, you had no idea of the product name so that you could re-order. Another complaint was the customer’s inability to choose the sample they wished to try. Most companies use either less popular brands or new, unknown brands as free samples. The customer doesn’t get to choose their Free Herbal Incense Sample; it is selected by the company. This allows the seller to control the test market, push new product, and alleviate unpopular back stock, without taking a total loss on product. Another person complained that their Free Herbal Potpourri Sample was not herbal potpourri at all, but a batch of 1” baggies for re-packaging that read “free sample” on the bag. Others received coupons for products.

Be sure to read the fine print before you order on the internet. Don’t let your Free Herbal Incense Sample end up costing you more than a regular bag of herbal incense or potpourri!   The off line retailers of herbal potpourri and incense. A quick look at them revealed that convenience stores are not interested in letting you sample product at all. In fact many of them do not even accept coupons. Some retailers will sometimes allow you to sample a product if they feel you are serious about buying. If you truly want to sample the product, rather than looking for a freebie, find some friends interested in aroma therapy and split the cost. Sharing makes it more affordable, you get to try just what you want, and the company of friends makes your relaxation more enjoyable!

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